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'No 1' Dog Grooming Service

The Room 2 Groom
is a professional dog grooming salon based in Chester

Liz Carter has been grooming dogs in Cheshire for many years and is fully qualified and certified. She is also a trained canine reiki practitioner, offering a unique hands on reiki service to help calm your dog before and during the grooming process.

 One of Cheshire’s top dog groomers, Liz’s name is well-known across Chester and beyond. Whether your dog needs regular grooming or a one-off spruce-up, Liz will ensure your pet is relaxed, treated professionally at all times and groomed beautifully. It’s never too early for a dog to start getting familiar and comfortable with the grooming process, and Liz is experienced in puppy grooming too, setting your new dog up for a lifetime of relaxed and confident grooming.

Whether your dog is in urgent need of a professional grooming service, or you’d simply like to get your puppy familiarised with the grooming salon environment, call Liz today to arrange an appointment.

The Grooming Salon

The Room 2 Groom salon has been carefully designed to be as relaxing and comfortable for dogs as possible. Equipped with the latest dog grooming equipment, including a spa hydrobath, the salon is every bit as well-appointed and professional as a regular hair salon!

Grooming appointments are always on a one-to-one basis, so each dog always has Liz’s full attention. There are no barking dogs or holding crates to cause stress or anxiety for your dog and Liz always ensures a calm,enjoyable environment for every canine customer.

Dog Grooming Services

Before any grooming session starts, Liz takes time to give every dog a thorough health check, looking for parasites such as fleas or ticks, investigating any lumps or bumps, and assessing the condition of the dog’s skin and coat, checking carefully for signs of eczema, soreness or matting. Eyes, ears, teeth, nails and paws are also checked thoroughly.

Grooming services at The Room 2 Groom include nail clipping, ear cleaning and plucking, pad tidying and hygienic grooming for those tricky areas.

As well as a full dog grooming service, Liz also offers a ‘Bath and Tidy’ session, to keep your pet in tip top condition between regular full grooming sessions.

Liz is happy to offer familiarisation sessions for puppies, in advance of their first real grooming, so that they are relaxed and confident in the grooming environment when the time comes for their first trim, manicure or full groom.

Dogs that are not used to the grooming environment can react negatively if forced into a situation where they are not comfortable, so Liz offers one-to-one confidence sessions for these situations. Liz will take time to get to know the dog and to earn its trust, before gently introducing each element of the grooming process. Sessions like this do take time to gain the confidence and trust of a nervous dog, but are well worth it. Seeing a previously reactive dog really enjoy the grooming process with Liz is something quite special.

Liz is also happy to discuss the grooming requirements of any dog, so that you can help keep your dog’s coat in top condition at home, in between regular grooming appointments.

Pre-Groom Health Check

Your dog’s welfare is my number one priority.  I always carry out a health check before any grooming session.

Puppy Intro Package

Your puppy has to get used to the sights and sounds of the big wide world, and the grooming process is an important part of that.

1 to 1 Consultation

If your precious pooch is nervous and has not been groomed before, I am happy to come and visit your home for a meet and greet

Bath & Tidy

This service is ideal for in between full grooms to help keep your dog’s coat in tip top condition and matt free.

Full Groom

As “bath & tidy” including Pawdicure, Nail Clipping, Ear/Eye Cleaning...

Teeth Cleaning

We offer ultrasound teeth cleaning service. The most effective way to prevent dental disease.


Due to working on my own and health & safety reasons I only handle small to medium sized breeds. Please call to discuss.

Special Offers


“Liz does a brilliant job on my Shih Tzu. A very professional groomer and the van is spotless.” 

Debs Ashton

“My black mini schnauzer Sonny just had the best cut by Liz.
I’m so pleased.” 

Kirst McAulay Goodall

"Fantastic service! Very patient and friendly with my three nervous trio and they all came away smelling gorgeous! Will definitely use again. Thanks


“Molly had her first groom last week and Liz did an amazing job.
Molly's had loads of compliments on how good her cut is, and she loved Liz! I

Lisa Margreet Payne

"Liz takes excellent care of our cockerpoo Pippa, she is gentle and friendly. Highly recommend.

Tess Batley-moss

“First time snoopy had his hair cut with vroom groom, he looked absolutely amazing!! By far the best hair cut he has had! Would definitely recommend, Liz has done a great job! Thanks again

Tom Moorfield

"Super friendly and very accommodating! Our dog is 9y/o and never been clipped so I was amazed that Liz managed to get her looking so good (she was a very bedraggled wire haired Jack Russell). Will definitely be using her services again!

Angela Adams

“Liz is absolutely fab! Our pup loves being groomed and Liz is so thorough and good with him. 100% recommend.

Sophie Cunvin

"George had his first groom with Liz today, he was nervous at first but Liz calmed him. He came back smelling lovely and looking gorgeous! Thanks again Liz

Lilly Griffiths

“Many thanks to Liz today who has done a lovely job on Monty our Tibetan Terrier. He is looking gorgeous. Great service and would definitely recommend.

Julie Sweet

"I can't recommend Liz highly enough. She really looked after my two nervous and very scruffy Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and not only made them look beautiful again, but they smelled lovely too! They even had a little bow each on their collar to complete their make-overs!

Karen Wainwright

“Molly had her first groom last week and Liz did an amazing job. Molly's had loads of compliments on how good her cut is, and she loved Liz! I have mobility issues so having Liz bring the van here to do the groom was perfect. I would highly recommend Liz's grooming services.

Lisa Margreet Payne

Certificates / Awards

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